Spiteful Tinder reject savagely ‘fat shames’ woman whom said no – she strikes right straight back

‘we delivered him a funny response and it is maybe perhaps not the reaction he desired. I obtained lots more abuse right right have a peek at this hyperlink back’

A spiteful Tinder reject branded a girl a ‘hungry hippo’ with ‘more rolls than Greggs’ and wished on her behalf to be STEPPED ON in a merciless fat-shaming rant – all because she stated no to him.

Becky Kerr, 22, ended up being swiping through the app that is dating she matched with a man called Tom.

The supermarket baker, from Warrington, ended up being stunned whenever Tom bluntly asked if she ‘fancied a shag’ – despite Becky expressly saying on her behalf Tinder profile that she’s not enthusiastic about random hook-ups.

But after politely responding ‘no, ta’, Becky ended up being met with a barrage of punishment through the refused keyboard warrior calling her a ‘disgusting fat b****’ who seems like a ‘sack of potatoes’.

The spurned romp-seeker also expressed a wish to see Becky ‘RUN OVER’ by a taxi or lorry in a bizarre and disturbing twist.

With In one specially hateful message, Tom retorted: “Shut up you fat ugly terrible dirty overweight todge.”

Tom’s opening rant said: “Alright ya fat b****. You’re such a big woman it is actually disgusting i am hoping you choke on a hippo that is hungry. Oh wait… That’s you.

“Stupid fat b*** thinking your angry cos you appear just like the mad controller.

“I really wanna bell a delta [taxi] to yours and provide me personally a fiver you over but to be fair you will probably eat the car thinking it’s a burger or a pizza ye fat giraffe neck for him to run.

“So the next time you’re on the street i am hoping you receive go beyond by a lorry yet fat baby wipe.

“You’re the size of the Wetherspoons on south road. Not surprising i possibly couldn’t get a breakie today cos you almost certainly consumed it all ye fat b**** that are hairy.

“I’m down to get shag a bird whom does look like a n’t sack of potatoes from Iceland.

“P.S. you’re therefore fat you appear just like a Fiat 500, oh wait you couldn’t porbs easily fit into the vehicle cos you’ll break the tyres.

“Just a supplementary P.S. you’re fat.”

Adamant to exhibit her Tinder reject that their vile taunts couldn’t hurt her, Becky declined to have upset and block Tom – rather striking right straight right back along with her very own witty retorts.

Becky stated: “He messaged me saying ‘fancy a shag?’. If you ask me if some one delivers that in a primary message it is a‘no’ that is straight.

“I stated ‘no’ to him with what i believe had been a polite means. I really could have gone for a rant that is massive the way you shouldn’t talk with females that way however it ended up beingn’t well worth the argument.

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“Then i obtained all of that punishment straight back. To start with I had been surprised. I’ve been called that is‘boring ‘frigid’ before by people on Tinder but this is basically the very first time some body has actually attempted to harm me personally.

“But then we began picking right up on most of their errors also it ended up being making me laugh, me the mad controller instead of the fat controller like he called.

“In addition found it funny he compared us to a Fiat 500 because we have a Fiat 500.

“ we attempted to get the side that is funny. That’s my coping device. And I also wasn’t likely to offer him the satisfaction of simply blocking him and acting like he’d hurt me.

“So we delivered him a funny response plus it’s maybe not the reaction he desired. I acquired lots more punishment right back.”

After reading their aggravated rant, Becky responded to Tom awarding him 10/10 for effort and highlighting how funny she found it that she owns a Fiat 500.

Tom seemed to carry on attempting their fortune, asking Becky to do an intercourse work on their ‘average size c***’ in exchange when it comes to medication ketamine, typically utilized as being a horse tranquilizer.

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Whenever Becky described that she had no importance of the medication as Tom had called her a hippo not a horse, he responded: “Shut up you fat unsightly terrible dirty obese todge.

“You seem like a combination between Bruce the shark and Shrek you fat b**** that is ugly. You have got more rolls than f***ing Greggs.”

Determined not to ever allow Tom ‘win’, Becky reacted by telling Tom he handle rejection’‘can’t and questioning their taste in females.