We asked guys with seafood photos within their Tinder profile: Why?

One of those is a legit fisherman ha

Tinder: love it, hate it, or delete and redownload it every fourteen days, we could all agree with the one thing appropriate? We want to be welcomed with a bit of eye candy and some decent chat when we go on Tinder. Therefore, why once I start the software (that’s meant to entice me personally into dating, or possibly setting up with your individuals, could I include) have always been we greeted with image after image of big slimy fish?

I’ve numerous, numerous, numerous concerns for the guys of our world: Why you have leave the bathroom chair up? Why would you require spreading your legs as far open that you can on general public transportation? Why would you have the need certainly to mansplain my literal degree for me? But really, perhaps not just one of those is much more pressing than WHY on the planet guys have the have to include images of those keeping a seafood inside their Tinder profile image? Can you actually not need simply gone for the image of you in a club, in your mate’s yard – god, a good Snapchat filter at this stage?

Fuelled by confusion, semi-disgust and a need to respond to the pushing concerns of 2021, I swiped suitable for every kid having a seafood pic i could find and asked possibly them WHY. Here’s just just just what that they had to state on their own:

I believe the seafood appearance actually nice


Tbf I would personallyn’t mind being that seafood x

Joe had been the very first guy with a seafood pic that we swiped upon. After interrogating him about their fish image, he complimented me personally for my “interesting questions” (stop it you!) and explained he included it “because I want to fish, and I also think it is a good photo”.

When probed about what makes the picture: the seafood or him, he provided me with so what can only be referred to as seafood discourse. Evidently, the seafood could be the character that is main, with Joe saying it “gives the picture an insurance policy” and “adds into the looks.” Whom knew seafood males might be therefore humble and self-aware?

A man that is defensive we ever saw one

Joe included he believes men simply just take pictures with fish “to track certain seafood as they grow” and capture “nice scale patterns”. We can’t lie, once I glance at seafood I’m more focused on how disgustingly slimy they appear, as opposed to the information of the scales but I’m someone that is glad it.

In contrast, the seafood makes me look better looking

My lips had been as wide available as this fish that is poor we swiped upon Joe

It didn’t just take me very very long to get another seafood kid, and coincidentally his title has also been Joe. Of their six pictures, not merely one, perhaps perhaps maybe not two, but THREE of their photos had been of seafood. Now that is a committed fisherman if I ever saw one.

He explained he had been “always fishing” so didn’t “have large amount of photos without fish”. Joe my love, i am going to literally provide to end up being your individual professional professional photographer at this time you will stop with the fish photos if it means.

Then he included a heartwrenching response: “I don’t think I’m great looking thus I don’t simply take a complete large amount of photos of myself”. I suppose taking pictures with fish must enhance your self-esteem by the pure nature of contrast, in which particular case i have to cop myself a goldfish prior to the twenty-first June.

Joe finally justified the extortionate levels of fish images on Tinder by arguing that guys take them if they’re a “good achievement”, which in this situation means if it is a “good size” (just what took place to “size doesn’t matter” hmm?). He attemptedto woo me using the known reality he recently “caught a carp of 36 pounds”, that I think in seafood discourse is intended become impressive – ngl Joe, i believe if you’re trying to flex your fishing skills, Tinder is almost certainly not the area to get.

Am we supposed to be impressed by a 36lb carp?

It is supposedly a conservation starter that is great