The 8 of wands solidifies that this reading ended up being, in reality, showing you the man’s instant message/invitation, if you ask me

I feel was the ‘swift action’ on his part of inviting me out if it helps the crossing card was the 8 of Wands – which. I am going to never ever doubt the pace pace that is fast associated with 8 of Wands once more! I did so the reading regarding the and then he invited me out when I saw him two days later tuesday. It is why i’m that it’s really one particular readings where every thing it is mentioned has um, already occurred! Still, I would be interested to know that which you need certainly to say in regards to the fans.

Hi Goodluck, thank you for your feedback. It is funny you mention the surroundings card, (that was The fans!) when I read up some more on that final night.

to tell the truth, after reading more onto it I realised we most likely did not absolutely need to create any such thing! All of it clicked into destination.

Although i am nevertheless uncertain just how it actually pertains to my ‘environment’, whether it’s a supportive or non-supportive card – I’d have to say that it’s supportive to what my intuition/heart’s been telling me, as well as the other cards pointing to the possibility of a meaningful relationship if I were to ask myself. It is a biggy though – the age that is massive is really challenging and extending my beliefs/conditioning and fears about this. We read someplace that The fans isn’t only about a large choice – but it is weighing up my very own personal values and planning to perform some thing that is right. It really is positively been on my head a whole lot, and it’s really definitely not one thing i might leap into without very first being positively clear back at my (along with his intentions that are. It really is why the 9 of Pents now makes more feeling in my experience. It is precisely as you stated – i am getting really, clear about what sort of man I would like to be with, and I also surely got to the idea a while ago where I stopped attempting to persuade myself i recently desired one thing casual. Literally simply surely got to that true point of real quality and along comes Mr Knight of Cups! extremely particularly inviting me personally to their next gig. (It is why i do believe that the end result card had not been just representing him, but their invite.) My friend that is best ended up being here and she stated it had been SO apparent he liked me, from seeing exactly how he had been beside me. I don’t generally ask the tarot concerns, especially not yes or no kinds when I feel We never get a specific solution! So, it absolutely was a lot more of a general ‘what’s taking place with my love life during the minute?’ kind question. (with this specific man in mind.) I am mindful there is never truly a definitive or ‘final’ result to the majority of things, but i usually have the info i would like

If it will help the crossing card ended up being the 8 of Wands – that we feel had been the ‘swift action’ on their element of inviting me personally away. I shall never doubt the pace pace that is fast regarding the 8 of Wands once more! I did so the reading in the and then he invited me out when I saw him two days later tuesday. It is why personally i think it’s actually among those readings where every thing it is mentioned has um, already occurred! Nevertheless, We’d be interested to know that which you need to state in regards to the fans.

We at first penned my reaction predicated on completely misunderstanding your concern. We thought you had been wanting to see if a guy will be entering your daily life, and I also don’t understand that there currently ended up being one. Therefore, now that I really know very well what you’re asking ( ) i believe the reading is truly clear. You did a job that is great and you also appear to have the perfect grasp in the fans! We concur that The fans is acknowledging your have to decide your way for deep-rooted reasons, along with literally. I would personally include that this is certainly most likely one thing dealing with this person’s head also, because this is within the environment position. He may be weighing precisely what he wants/his intentions are, too.

. I believe you would like to do follow up reading about the chance of a relationship that is serious his motives, what is perfect for you, etc. to essentially get a detailed examination of the potential. But, I do not see any such thing within the cards you reported that scream a warning (like in the event that Knight was indeed the Knight of Wands!). There is undoubtedly a energy that is positive it all.

Best of luck and many thanks for sharing your tale!