I believe Julie and must have talked aided by the individual that is same. Very nearly exactly the same tale to a t, merely a various career. I happened to be skeptical at the beginning additionally, but he stated their moms and dads had been missionaries growing up, yada, yada, etc.

The laugh ended up being on him because i’ve no cash to deliver. I will be gonna mess straight straight back him know I found him funding but they require proof with him and let. Julie i might want to compare pictures. If anybody desires to share tales, my email is hemigurl1965 yahoo.com

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Ok last one he also offers a site supposably for their gallery in Cali its called All along I thought I became communicating with a great searching man us man. marriagemindedpeoplemeet desktop All along we wasnt speaking with the guy which was pictured. They do say there clearly was frauds in Nigeria with pay pal in which he has paypal on the site.

I happened to be contacted from William Deavor through Yahoo Personals . Their tale had been he destroyed their wallet together with cash and charge cards and required cash to reside on until some body known as Lance ( his associate) found their rescue . Their blunder had been telling me he lived into the neighbor hood we spent my youth in . Therefore needless to say we examined that available to you had been family members residing where he stated he lived whom knew absolutely nothing about him. Once I responded telling him this he got extremely nasty in my experience and I also reported into the yahoo personals because he’d been asking me personally for significant amounts of cash. I did son’t get it , couldn’t have it , wouldn’t obtain it. Their profile remains through to the yahoo web site. I sure hope he can’t contact other people. Deb

It is not only the ladies being getting scammed. I obtained scammed on a singles that are similar and had been stupid sufficient to deliver the amount of money. Does anybody understand what we could do in order to report these crooks. My cash is gone, but i simply want these social visitors to get what they deserve.

My scammer’s name is Maddi Haris and utilized the email that is following, maddiharris@yahoo.com. The web site I became utilizing had been catholicsingles.com, so they’re not just on Yahoo, they’re all within the spot.

This is certainly really frightening, which he utilized your son’s title! Please whoever has real information like this, report it to your FBI. Your police that is local really do much, but in addition in this instance it could be reported towards the charge card business too. I wish I could assist more and more people perhaps maybe perhaps not fall for this scam, but the majority individuals only read my post when they have now been burned.

Simply desired to allow every person understand the ring was returned by me to JCPenney because I became suspicous that there was clearly another womans title regarding the delivery label right above mine. Found that it had been bought employing a mastercard inside her title. She actually is from Connecticut. No question her card info or identification had been taken. Got on yahoo simply to spot another profile utilizing the exact same header, profile details, and writing style as my secret guy. Just this time he had been making use of my son’s title! We reported him and their profile disappeared the following day. Crazy.

Yup I got about 10 within my mailbox from yahoo personals at this time. You can inform they have been over dramatic and constantly provide there e-mail from the response that is first. We chatted to 1 of these simply to far see how it could get. After about 14 days she wished to come and discover me personally from Africa on holiday from her task. She had nearly sufficient money to get her solution but 400.00 bucks she required until she got right here. I became like ok deliver me personally your cash and I also will probably pay for the remainder for you personally. No reponse yet and so I guess she’s perhaps perhaps not coming. Her title ended up being Olivia j rangel olivia edwards or rockwildersgirl that knows. I believe its funny and are getting decidedly more imaginative. And yes it simply would go to show if its to recommended that you b real it probly is:-(