Reading your instructable, I know your commission dates back to a whopping 1910 circa. I would have done anything to work on a “piece” that old. If the wood sculptures are dried back out & not showing signs of checking, cleaned of dust the next step will be choosing a good finishing oil to restore the rich lustre & finish of the pieces. It’s best to set up a space to restore or work on your wood sculpture restoration project where you have great ventilation, room to work, good light and tools and materials close at hand. Odds are the reason your wood sculpture is checking is due to moisture. For woodcarver Ron Ramsey, a chainsaw is just one of the many tools he uses to create realistic bear sculptures.

Matsui Umetarou, an Ainu, helped manufacture the souvenir and increase its popularity. In fact, when Emperor Hirohito visited Hokkaido in 1936, he was offered two bear carvings—one from Yakumo and one from Asahikawa. After returning to Japan, Tokugawa traveled to the “Tokugawa Farm,” a farm in the town of Yakumo that was then part of the Owari Domain. Tokugawa presented the carving to the farmers, suggesting that they manufacture copies of it during the winter as a source of income. The farmers agreed, and the first sculptures they made were displayed at a 1924 exhibition of rural arts and crafts that was held in the town. With over 13 years of experience and with pieces all over the world, we continue to enjoy creating wood sculptures that become part of the story of our customers’ lives.

I started carving in 2014 and was very fortunate to have a incredible mentor named “Bongo Love”. Bongo grew up in a stone carving town in Zimbabwe, Africa. So I started my wooden sculpting journey learning from the best sculpture mentor I could ask for.

This chainsaw carved sculpture of a family of bears climbing a spruce tree was one of Eric’s first large carvings. It stands approximately 12 feet tall and inspired many smaller versions of the sculpture. Over the course of his career, Ramsey estimates he’s completed about 100 larger sculptures, such as bears, humans, eagles and other wildlife, about 90 percent of which was done around they said the Lake Tahoe area. His portfolio also includes a vast array of intricate mantles, award-winning doors and miscellaneous carvings, as well as about 5,000 carved wooden signs. “Back in the 1970s and ’80s, my signs were on dozens of businesses throughout the Tahoe area,” he says. He says some signs—such as those for Truckee’s Squeeze In and Tahoe City’s Hacienda Del Lago—still exist.

All creations are hand crafted in Big Bear Lake Ca. from trees harvested within the beautiful Big Bear Valley. The item you are trying to purchase is currently out of stock. A sculpture of a bear at the entrance to children’s Park.A sculpture of a bear at the entrance to children’s Park. All signs can be changed on bears, and have “Welcome” on the back.

Bear Kuksa, Guksi, Wooden Mug

It features a large bear with an impressive fur. The large wooden statue has been signed Cristaldi. He stands 71/2 inches tall and is made of ironwood. But if you love primitives this bear is all that!

wooden bear sculpture

People In Colorado Loved my bears for there front porches, cabins, gardens and some people just wanted to own sculpture from me. I chainsaw carved thousands of bears for people and now I love to carve bears because I’ve worked so hard to perfect my bear style and each bear i carve i get a little bit better. So when you purchase a wooden welcome bear from the woodcarvers you are getting a true piece of art that is made with love for the craft and that I have spent countless hours of my life perfecting. Needless to say i take pride in my bears and I know that weather they are for you or you are giving as a gift each bear is marvelous and unique and will make anyone happy to see these wood bears in person. This auction features a great vintage hand carved wooden bear.

Bear Chain Saw Carving Sculpture

Because Toste’s totems are outdoors and exposed to the elements, they aren’t meant to last forever. Toste says most sculptures will last between 20 and 60 years. You need to treat it in the same way.” He seals the wood, but still emphasizes the need to take care of it.

As always serious bidders please feel free to email us with any questions. Hand carved& painted wooden bear with cub from DENMARK. A beautiful example of a Black Forest carving, beautifully executed. This hand carved wood sculpture dates to the 1930’s.

Chainsaw Fur ” Mikey”

Through the casinos, he began doing ice carvings; he then learned culinary arts at Sahara Tahoe and started working as a chef. While in the restaurant business, he’d sometimes create carvings out of tallow—a mixture of paraffin, beeswax and lard—to complement food, such as a sculpture of a mouse to sit with a wheel of cheese. Hill, who also employs carvers Clifton Williams and Jennifer Young in his shop, says that at the peak of his business, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he’d sell more than 5,000 carvings each year.

wooden bear sculpture

Jon Van Zyle, Alaskan artist famous for painting images of the Iditarod and other gorgeous Alaskan wildlife, commissioned Eric to sculpt with his chainsaw a very specific bear pose. The inspiration for this cedar carving was to capture a bear just as he was beginning to rise from a crouching position to survey his world. Mr. Van Zyle was very pleased with this piece and in fact it was one of the more popular sculptures during the summer of 2009. Thank you, Jon, for commissioning such a fun piece of art.

Bear Country Gallery

Let the oil absorb into the piece then rub off all excess oil. Certain oils, stains, sealers will have different results so it’s always good to test it first on the same type of wood or somewhere on the piece that is covered, bottom or back of piece. Thank you so much for the reply, my friends will truly appreciate a knocking of heads to restore their piece – they are just beside themselves with its condition and not acting sooner. Is there any way this piece can brought back to its original color , or any possible closeness to the original color, and the peeling bark secured to the “trunk”? It would be a shame to see this chainsaw piece lost, as it stands ready to greet all the guests who visit his “den”. This bear belongs to friends of mine and has unsuccessfully endured the elements.